Meet Livingston Fernando Braithwaite, local artist, tour guide, and storyteller.  For over 20 years, Livingston has been a steady fixture on the beaches on the West Coast of Barbados. Born just minutes away from Glitter Bay, he has called this his second home, his office and his stage all in one.

Through the years he has amassed a mental rolodex of international personalities, movie stars and politicians that is almost unbelievable. As we speak, he casually mentions hanging out with Paul McCartney and Wayne Rooney, drinking beers with and selling paintings to the likes of Serena Williams, Tony Blair and Rihanna.

They love coming to Barbados and relaxing. They feel safe and no one bothers them. They can really just enjoy themselves and enjoy the island. Because of my personality people love to talk to me and when they see my art, they end up buying for themselves and as gifts for friends back home.

A self-taught artist, Livingston describes his work as romantic and nostalgic. “I aim to capture the true essence of my island in my work and my love for this place. I use vibrant colors to celebrate the rich natural beauty that is all around me.”  His work ranges from seascapes to local flowers, birds and glimpses of cultural festivals.

Asked about changes to the beach and the islands he smiles and says, “Everything in life has to change…the important thing is it changes for the better. We have seen a dip in the number of tourists, but in the past few months it has been steadily increasing. I am always optimistic that people will come to Barbados and have a good time.”

Make sure you wave hello to Livingston when you see him on the beach. He’s always good for a story, a tip on what to do in the area, or a entirely new perspective on life.