Quarantine at Royal Glitter Bay Villas


Yes, our nine residences, as shown on our website have been granted quarantine approval by Ministry of health so rest assured that we will keep you safe while abiding by the national protocols. 

It is mandatory for ALL persons travelling to Barbados, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated, to enter with a negative standard COVID-19 PCR test from an accredited facility taken within 3 days prior to arrival. Please note that nasal swab samples, saliva samples, self-administered tests (even if the sample was taken under the supervision of a healthcare provider), home kits and rapid PCR tests will NOT be accepted.

All passengers will be expected to complete the Embarkation/Disembarkation (ED) card prior to departure including specific questions relating to issues of personal health and symptoms. Once submitted, passengers will receive an email confirmation with a barcode confirming your certificate to travel to Barbados. To complete your online Immigration and Customs form please click here 

Given the new normal, the following forms must also be submitted to royalglitterbayvillas@eden.travel no later than 3 days prior to arrival required for all arriving guests. 

  • A copy of your 1st PCR test 
  • Pre Check-in Form and Health & Safety Waiver Form - Please note that guests 18 years and older, are required to sign this waiver electronically prior to arrival. COVID-19 Health & Safety Waiver will be sent by email prior to arrival.

Important Note - We advise that you review any national, local, and health advisories prior to booking, as is your responsibility to be aware of protocols and travel restrictions. Royal Glitter Bay Villas will not accept any responsibility for unforeseen circumstances or expenses incurred as a result of cancellations or no shows as a consequence of your negligence to adhere to any COVID-19 travel restrictions, including specific restrictions for self-quarantine.


Travellers will be considered fully vaccinated if:

  • They have completed a full regimen of vaccines for any of Barbados' Ministry of Health & Wellness approved COVID-19 vaccinations*, for 14 days or more prior to travel to Barbados.
  • Travellers who have had mixed vaccines regimens of Ministry of Health & Wellness approved vaccines will be considered fully vaccinated. E.g. (1st dose of one brand followed by 2nd dose of another which is not a one-dose regimen).

*AstraZeneca, Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech, Johnson & Johnson, Sinopharm, Sinovac, Sputnik V Vaccines are the currently accepted vaccines.

Note: Additional vaccines may be added by the island's Ministry of Health & Wellness, guided by the WHO emergency listing approval.

Pre-submission for approval of vaccine certificates via travelform.gov.bb is preferred. Additionally, proof of vaccination (in English), in the form of a vaccine certificate, is required. Validation of certificates at the point of entry will include one of the following: 

  1. Proof of issuance from a National Public Health Organisation 

  2. Proof of documented vaccination issued by a hospital or medical centre. 

  3. Use of an independent validation system, such as IATA Travel Pass, or The Digital Green Certificate. 

    *Persons who fail to provide proof of vaccination will be subject to the protocols of unvaccinated travellers. 

Effective Sunday, October 24th, 2021 fully vaccinated travellers to Barbados with a valid negative pre-flight COVID-19 PCR test result are no longer be required to take a second COVID-19 PCR test on arrival Barbados, or observe a quarantine period.

Travellers meeting these requirements will therefore be allowed to leave the port of entry with no restrictions.

Health officials at the Grantley Adams International Airport may select fully vaccinated travellers with a valid negative COVID-19 PCR test result at random for a Rapid Antigen arrival test on entry.

In this case, these travellers must:

  • Take the Rapid Antigen arrival test as directed at the airport, free of charge;
  • Await the results of the Rapid Antigen Test (no quarantine required due to short turnaround time for results);
  • Depart the airport via the transportation of your choice

Unvaccinated Travellers

A traveller will be considered to be unvaccinated when they are: 

  • A person who has not been vaccinated at all and therefore has no evidence of such. 
  • A person who claims to have been vaccinated but has either produced no valid evidence of vaccination or the evidence produced cannot be verified.
  • A person who has been vaccinated using a vaccine not on the Barbados list of approved vaccines.
  • A person who has only received one dose of a two-dose regimen.

  • A person who has completed the full regimen of an approved vaccine, but less than 2 weeks prior to arrival.
  • Travellers must enter Barbados with a negative PCR test taken 3 days prior to arrival. 
  • A mandatory in-room quarantine will then be in effect with a 2nd COVID-19 PCR test required at 5 days.

Note: Test results are expected within 24-48 hours.


You are limited to your residence and terrace only while you quarantine; moving around the property, the pool, beach and all other facilities is prohibited until you take the 2nd PCR-Test and have negative results. 

Each guest room is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized pre-arrival, in line with our health and safety programme. Scheduled in-room housekeeping service will commence only after the 2nd PCR-Test. Kindly note, during the quarantine period guests will not receive housekeeping service however additional linen can be supplied on request. Housekeeping service will not be offered while in isolation, however, your suite has been pre-stocked with necessary linens. Any extra linens (sheets, towels, etc.) needed will also be delivered to your room on a contactless basis. 

Royal Glitter Bay Villas can provide the following options/ services will be available to you and can be provided at cost while you quarantine; 

  • Approved Taxi transfer from the airport to the property 

  • Security surveillance (mandatory by government) 

  • Pre-arrival/ grocery shopping - This can be arranged by sending your grocery list by email. Items will be sourced and delivered to your residence prior to and during your stay. 

  • On site restaurant offer lunch service to be delivered to your apartment door. Alternatively, the online food delivery service HOPSCOTCH Barbados provides a variety of options from our island's restaurants. 

  • 2nd PCR testing – Available FREE from the government approve Maurice Byer Polyclinicgovernment facilities test daily and therefore do not require appointments to be made before your arrival. Alternatively, by appointment to be administered on-site by medical professionals at a cost of US$175 per test. 

  • Approved Taxi service for transfer to and from testing. 

Should you opt to quarantine at an approved property other than Royal Glitter Bay Villas on arrival to the island, then you will be required to submit a copy of your negative 2nd PCR test 24hrs prior to arrival at Glitter Bay Estate. 

Several countries, including the US, Canada and the United Kingdom, have recently announced a new border entry requirement for travellers to show proof of negative COVID-19 test results within 72 hours of entry. 

Please be sure to check the specific entry requirements for your home or destination country and arrange your testing accordingly as requirements vary by country. 

Outbound Antigen tests are being provided by the Government of Barbados, at the Wildey Gymnasium, St. Michael. Tests are conducted between 9:30am – 4pm. Additionally, there will be a cost of BBD $100 per person for this test. Cash is not accepted and therefore, persons will be required to pay using debit or credit cards. The visit, including swabbing and waiting for clearance after results, takes approximately 1 ½ hours. Transfers can be arranged as required. 

Appointments for PCR testing can be made through your residence manager. Kindly email us for additional information.

Only you or the member of the party that tests positive will be required to isolate in a government-approved isolation facility. All other members of the party will be quarantined at the residence, monitored and tested by the island's public health authorities.