Swimming with the sea turtles is one of the most memorable excursions you take during your stay at Royal Glitter Bay Villas in Barbados. The experience is almost mystical and hard to put into words for most. Before experiencing it first hand, many naturally compare it to swimming with trained dolphins, but they soon discover it is entirely different.

Getting up close and personal with these magical creatures in their own environment is nothing short of breathtaking. From the boat, you can hear the squeals of delight from adults and children alike as the turtles swim over to play.

The true magic of the experience is in the history of the species itself.  Turtles always travel back to where they were born to lay their eggs. Between the months of April to October you can easily come across an adult Hawksbill or Green Turtle laying eggs on the beach after dark. Many turtles come to nest in the moonlight right on Glitter Bay.

Just two months later the hatchlings make their march to the ocean to begin their own journey to adulthood. It is a thrill to watch locals and tourists alike cheer on the small turtles as they race to the sea. Although now endangered after years of over hunting and mishaps with boats, there is a vibrant population living on the west coast of the island.

It is an awesome experience to swim and be touched by a sea turtle. Just a short boat ride or a swim from the beach and you are now in their world. These adolescent turtles swim freely each day oblivious of their precarious path to near extinction not so long ago. Now these playful giants glide effortlessly through the dangling legs of curious tourists. All you need is a piece of fish and you have yourself a new friend. Fearlessly, they swim right up to you and gently brush you as though to say thanks for coming to visit.

Our concierge at the Royal Glitter Bay Villas would be pleased to help you book your unforgettable swim with the turtles. There are many options from small private boats, glass bottom boats or group catamaran trips to suit your needs.

These gentle creatures with permanent smiles are always looking to meet new friends.